Monuments Guitar Tone

I honestly think that this tone might be better than Browne’s tone itself 😛

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Monuments Bass Tone

Monuments have the best bass tone I have ever heard! And it was definitely one of the hardest patches I have built! Enjoy!

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Gnosis Bass Tone

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Joel says:

    George makes it so easy to sound awesome, just buy,install and rip!


  2. I purchased both Monument bass patches as I haven’t been able to find anything close to what I wanted. Both of these patches are killer for direct/studio. I didn’t have to tweak much. For my live rig I’m going to be running the Monuments patch with AMP A turned off. It seems like it has more balls coming out of my Mesa cab. Overall Great purchases.


  3. kevinml69 says:

    I got the Monuments guitar tone and it sounds great. George was in contact to make sure I got set up properly. Thanks!


  4. John Browne would be jealous


  5. Tom Ahrens says:

    I bought the Architects patch a while ago and was stunned how well made it was… so why not testing the Monuments patch. I play on a Mayones Duvell as well and oooh boy!! That tone makes my nuts jiggle…! Thanks for this masterpiece! Awesome job again!!


  6. Mike Fashe says:

    I’ve bought the Monuments replica bass tone the other day and it’s freaking awesome! This guy put a lot of effort into this tone, so buy this patch is well worth it. Check it out!


  7. Jose Escudero says:

    I have been trying to replicate Adam Swan’s tone for a really long time. This patch is the closest I have heard so far. Glad I can have it in my Pod.


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