Animals as Leaders

Tooth and Claw Rhythm Tone

Now you can have the classic, versatile rhythm Tone of AAL’s masterpiece: “The Joy of Motion” in your Pod HD.

This Tone feels so smooth when playing chords and so chuggy/djenty when you hit hard single strings. It is just incredible!

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Kascade Lead Tone

There are tons of lead Tones out there… AAL’s leads though.. are a different story.

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Get the above 2 Tones together in a discount

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The Woven Web (Dat Riff) Tone

This Tone is really responsive to the pick attack. It really sounds like Tosin’s Axe Fx Preset! If you like thumping/slapping, then this one is for you!

Special Thanks to Koen for playing the part.

You can find Koen’s YouTube Cover: HERE

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. connorgernand says:

    This is the closest you can get to Tosin’s tone without spending 2 grand, perfect for slapping an extended range guitar, thanks George.


  2. Jose Escudero says:

    I was pleasantly surprised with this patch. It was a little quiet and a little too bright for my pickups but after a little tweaking to bring the volume up and tame some of the high end it work great for the slap parts on one of my songs. The patch is very responsive to dynamics and really cuts through a mix so even small dynamic elements can be distinguished.


  3. Jordan says:

    This is another really cool patch. As the name suggests, it’s based off of The Woven Web by Animals as Leaders. It probably won’ surprise you then to find out that this tone is perfect for all kinds of slapping, thumping, tapping, and other percussive guitar techniques. It is incredibly dynamic as well. With softer hits, the notes remain open, clear and well defined. If you use more attack though, you’ll find that this patch begins to develop a crunchy pop that allows Tosin-style thumping so well.
    Despite having fairly muddy, pickups, I noticed that this patch is very evenly voiced so low notes wont become unmanageable and flubby, while high notes wont get shrill.
    Lastly it is very accurate to Tosin’s tone. The crunchy growl you get when thumping is exactly like his.

    Excellent tone that any ERG player should have 🙂


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